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Maximize Your Cashflow by Focusing on High-Quality Tenant Profiles and High-Quality Building Standards.

Maximize Your Total Return on Investment by Focusing on Handpicked Improving Real Estate Markets.

Save Your Time and Money with Our Investment Support System and Pre-Negotiated Terms with Service Providers.


My Equity Real Estate Marketplace

My Equity is a real estate investment marketplace focused on new-construction properties in the United States. 

We use technology backed analysis protocols to help our clients choose the best-performing properties in the U.S new-construction

single-family rental market. From one rental property to a portfolio, you can build your equity with our investment management services and hand-picked properties in leading markets across the U.S.

We specialize in working with leading U.S homebuilders, targeting high growth investment locations in emerging markets, managing our clients’ properties from purchase to lease and sale or refinance. Our integrated service system is designed to provide you with an end-to-end closing process, multiple finance solutions, and a complete tax setup customized for your specific needs.

With over 60 years of local and international collective real estate experience, My Equity’s leadership team leverages cross-market-cycle expertise with innovative technology and support systems to provide our clients with a safe and simple way to invest in U.S rental properties.

We strive to be the company that guides, educates, and helps its clients to retire younger and financially safe.

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Israel Shapiro


Adi Assraf

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